Finding a balance with ethnoarchaeology?

I’m finally attempting to informally put into words some of my musings, misgivings, methods and mistakes around ethnoarchaeology. Clever colleagues of mine have already articulated very well the many pitfalls on the subject of making use of ethnographic data in archaeological research. Here I will try to summarise some of my own thoughts and researchContinue reading “Finding a balance with ethnoarchaeology?”

Wikipedia editing (and gender bias)

It has been far too long since I last wrote a post. My intentions are to primarily use this blog for science communication, but somehow this work often gets shunted to the back of the pile. So, I will try to share more often, even if posts are brief. I read sometime ago about theContinue reading “Wikipedia editing (and gender bias)”

Documentary: The Real Neanderthal

I’m really excited that I was asked to be a part of this CBC documentary, as part of The Nature of Things series. It comes out (in Canada…) this Friday. While I haven’t seen it in its entirety yet, there’s a nice clip here of Harry Hughes throwing a replica of Schöningen Spear II. YouContinue reading “Documentary: The Real Neanderthal”

Did prehistoric women hunt? New research suggests so

For a long time, it was assumed that hunting in prehistoric societies was primarily carried out by men. Now a new study adds to a body of evidence challenging this idea. The research reports the discovery of a female body, buried alongside hunting tools, in the Americas some 9,000 years ago. The woman, discovered inContinue reading “Did prehistoric women hunt? New research suggests so”

Two Sticks: What a new find from Schöningen tells us about Pleistocene hominins

Yesterday the discovery of a second short wooden stick from the site of Schöningen 13 II-4 (Germany) was published in Nature: Ecology and Evolution. Schöningen 13 II-4 dates to around 300,000 years ago and is best known for its collection of complete and nearly complete wooden spears and the remains of a large quantity ofContinue reading “Two Sticks: What a new find from Schöningen tells us about Pleistocene hominins”