The Arch & Anth Podcast

This is just a short post to let people know about my friend Dr. Michael Rivera’s new adventure – The Arch & Anth Podcast! Michael is a biological anthropologist who studies human behaviour through skeletal remains. He’s started the podcast – going out three times a week – because he’s passionate about science communication, archaeology, and anthropology! What a perfect title then.

I ‘met’ Michael initially through Twitter, at which point he invited me to come and speak at University of Cambridge Biological Anthropology Seminar Series. He also put me in touch with Sheina Lew-Levy (recently ‘doctored’!), with whom I’m now collaborating on an exciting project this summer to study how the BaYaka learn to hunt with spears. It’s a great example of how Twitter isn’t just a time waster but can be an amazing resource for making connections and building collaborations.

The blog already has some fascinating episodes from a wide range of scholars, like how agriculture shaped our jaw bones, an interview with James Cole who studies giant handaxes and human cannibalism, and many more goodies (including yours truly talking about…you guessed it – spears!). Happy listening.

Published by Annemieke Milks

I'm a Palaeolithic archaeologist with a passion for early weaponry, use of wood for tools and the origins of music.

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